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The Mindful Money Mentality Book

What is a Mindful Money Mentality? A mentality built on clarity about why we share, save, spend, and invest the way we do. An examined life when it comes to our relationship with money. Want to know more about achieving a Mindful Money Mentality?

Topics For Professionals:

Fast and Slow Thinking in Client Conversations

There are universal errors in judgment (behavioral biases) that we are hard-wired to make as humans. In any given client conversation, as many as ten or twenty of them can reveal themselves to us in different ways. Here are some red flags:

  • In the client’s history (when the client says “I was stupid to do that”); or
  • The client comes in with a new and different idea (“I saw this on TV”);
  • Or maybe we realize we are doing it to ourselves (“I knew better and still reacted badly”).

In this 50-minute session (in person or teleclass), we survey a gamut of behavioral economics biases. We review the ways in which we can discover and arrest fast, emotional thinking in favor of slow, rational decision making, both for our own good and for that of our clients.

Risky Business: Behavioral Economics and Client Relationships

Through individual and small group work in a 50-minute to 2-hour format, participants will gain:

  • an understanding of the brain’s chemistry when faced with a decision involving risk
  • clarity about the emotions that affect significant business decisions
  • awareness of common mathematical mistakes in calculating probability and risk exposure
  • a grasp of the behavioral economics concepts that apply to small business financial planning
  • a rational process for addressing future decisions.

For Non-Professional Groups:(for clients, donors, women’s groups, small employee groups)

Separating Self Worth from Net Worth

In this 50-minute to 2-hour session we explore the tipping point at which more becomes less. We discover how much fulfillment might come from external sources rather than internal ones, and what to do about it.

MINDFUL Financial Lifestyle Planning Workshop

This 1/2 day workshop explores questions including:

  • what it costs to be happy
  • what habits and attitudes we have with and about money
  • how to combat emotions that affect money decisions.

Participants map Lifestyle Goals to Money Goals, with a complete Happiness Financial Lifestyle Plan takeaway to keep focused on the goals they have decided are truly most important. Includes workbook binder.

Book: The Mindful Money Mentality: How to Find Balance in Your Financial Future, by Holly P. Thomas, CFP(R) (Porchview Publishing LLC, September 2013)

The process of achieving a Mindful Money Mentality follows seven steps:

M – Mind your money messages

I – Integrate money and happiness

N – Name your numbers

D – Delegate to a professional who is the right fit

F – Fortify against natural behavioral obstacles to success

U – Uphold the plan by monitoring progress

L – Live Life

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