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About Holly – the Person Behind the Credentials
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What would you like to know?

Trusting a professional requires more than credentials.  I have them, I’m proud of them, and you can see them here.  But being able to trust and work with someone on matters of great importance is another issue. So here are a few things you might like to know about me.
About Choices… Those who read my newsletter know that it includes a column called “View from the Porch.”  One of the first issues talked about the fact that my husband and I built a home in the “country,” and we spend three days a week there.
It began with my husband’s desire for some “space,” until one day I realized that what we found was not just what he was looking for – but what I was looking for as well.  We sold our beautiful (larger than we needed) house, bought the land and began creating a true “space” in our lives.
About Travel…  Another choice that is important to us is the freedom to travel. Over the years we have biked in  Vietnam and Cambodia, walked the Great Wall of China, visited Ireland, hiked in Norway and had the opportunity to see the fjords. Our most recent travels took us to remote regions of India where I learned that I could bike quickly enough to pass elephants.  Not something you experience every day of the week.

About Activities… I’m active in my Toastmasters group, volunteer in my community, and I love to write, speak and train on achieving a Happiness Money Mentality, based upon concepts known in the academic world as “behavioral economics.”
About the name “Holly” –

One thing that enables me to relate well to my name is the fact that certain holly species have the highest known caffeine content of any plant in North or Central America.  That may well explain my addiction to my morning coffee. 

The Value of Choice: A View from the Porch
My husband says there are many ways to make more money, but no way to make more time. Trading off things that we didn’t need to free up time and space in our lives has been a great choice. In fact, I feel “richer” than ever because we made carefully considered choices to maximize our time and our happiness.
Sounds pretty busy, doesn’t it?  
But it’s a good busy because it’s the sum of the choices I make and the things I value, including…
Well, there’s our dog, J.D. (or John Dog). He’s really my husband’s dog, a hungry, injured rescue dog who came out of the woods one day and adopted us with a whole heart. He’s a gift that keeps on giving.
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